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Look4Cars is a service of AFS Infromation Systems
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A. Free listing of dealership name address and phone number.

B. Free listing Plus provides a link to your E-mail address - $25.

C. Free listing Plus provides a link to your existing Home Page - $25.

D. Free listing Plus provides links to your existing Home Page and Email address - $40.

E. Select this option if you would like Look4Cars to create a Home Page for you and/or you would like to list your inventory on the World Wide Web. Contact AFS Information Systems at 1-800-797-6773 for pricing information.


Option A, Free listing will be added to Look4Cars within 5 business days.

Options B,C,D will be added within 3 business days upon receipt of payment.

Mail Payment to:
AFS Information Systems
1906 Exeter Rd
Germantown, TN 38138

Would you like to recieve car sales leads from the Look4Cars Autos by Email? Contact AFS Information Systems for more information.

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